Marketing and PR: Forget about a friggin' easy button

Yesterday I listened to the latest episode of The Bill Kutik Radio Show. I'm a big fan and was looking forward to Bill's interview with Jeanne Achille, President and CEO of The Devon Group, another great public relations and marketing firm in the HR marketplace.

So anyway, Bill introduces Jeanne and makes the statement that "The Devon Group is the only public relations firm I know of who focuses on the human capital space."

Really. The many other communications firms that also focus on HR like Carrick Marketing Communications, Eagle PR and BackBone, Inc. don't count I guess. And let's not forget another fine (but el loco los mismos) HR marketing firm Starr Tincup.

And then of course there's our little ol' full-service marketing and PR firm - HRmarketer - who has helped over 600 human resource and employee benefit service providers of all shapes and sizes grow their business buy generating publicity, website traffic, sales leads and improved SEO.

But I digress. Regardless of Bill's faux pas, it was a pleasure listening to Jeanne talk about her years of PR experience and how important quality media and analyst relationships are in public relations and the fact that there's a lot of heavy lifting to do, which is the true point of this post.

Heavy-lifting easy buttons don't exist, but the Staples easy button campaign was and is still brilliant. Everybody wants an easy button, and marketing and PR is no exception.

I can't tell you how many folk I speak with who want an easy button to generate visibility and leads. Push a button and your showered with them.

Just because you think you have cool products and services, a great news announcement or fresh marketing campaign doesn't mean the media, analysts or your prospects will.

And just because they don't doesn't mean they're idiots.

But if that's the way you feel then by all means go ahead and:
Forget about a friggin' easy button. It doesn't exist.

Whether you partner with a firm, or hire your own marketing and PR team, or try to do it all yourself, investing the time and resources in marketing will help grow your business - if you do the hard work.

Post by Kevin W. Grossman (join me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)

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