New SEO and “Marketing” Web Sites Article (and a podcast to boot)

Irony: most HR suppliers agree that they need to be found online today - which means within the first 10 pages (optimally page 1) - but 50% have lousy SEO.

Really. I was shocked as well.

Company web sites have become the leading source of sales leads—yet many sites in the human capital marketplace offer little more than online “brochures.”

We released a new article that explains how vendors can use search-optimized web sites and marketing activities to attract and engage customers.

It's the first in a three part series titled SEO and Marketing Web Sites: Internet Best Practices for Human Resource Vendors (no registration required).

The article walks HR suppliers through the basic steps of search-optimizing a Web site, as well as effective branding and messaging, the elements of a strong “marketing” site and how to choose the right keywords. A checklist of common missteps to avoid is included, along with an overview of keyword research and ranking tools. Together, the information will help HR vendors increase their Internet visibility, Web traffic and search engine rankings—all of which translate to increased sales leads.

Keep in mind that the first impression a potential customer has of your company is often formed when viewing your Web site. A visitor (potential buyer) should be able to understand what you do, how you’re unique, and be motivated to download your valuable content without leaving the first page.

The complimentary article is available to download at

Other highlights include:

The latest HR Market Share podcast is also ready for your listening pleasure below. It's a special podcast episode dedicated to the launching of our new SEO Center.

We’ve got interviews with Scott Johnson and Noel Geren from ZoomRank, our ranking tool partner, and HRmarketer’s founder Mark Willaman. Chock full of vital SEO information that everyone should know about.

If you'd like to be interviewed on our podcast about what's working in marketing and PR or anything about the HR marketplace, or if you have feedback and suggestions for the podcast, please email me at hrmarketshare(at)hrmarketer(dot)com or kgrossman(at)hrmarkter(dot)com.

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Thank you and enjoy!

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