50% of HR Vendors Have Lousy Search Rankings. What are Your Rankings?

As many readers of this blog know, we recently launched the SEO Center on HRmarketer.com that gives users the ability to track their SEO effectiveness and schedule one-on-one education/training sessions with HRmarketer SEO experts.

Hundreds of HR vendors are using the SEO Center which is giving us a unique lens on SEO in the HR marketplace. What we are seeing is quite interesting.
This means that about half of HR vendors have lousy SEO. Not good considering HR buyers (and consumers in general) go to the Internet first (maybe second to peers but not always) when researching products and services they intend to purchase.

The good news is about 50% of HR vendors had good SEO being defined as ranking on the first several pages of major search engines for their top keywords. These are the companies being found first. So if your competitor ranks and you don't guess who is getting the leads?
What was even more interesting was a correlation between top ranking HR vendors and the amount of search optimized press releases they sent. Obviously this alone will not guarantee high rankings but considering the cost of sending search optimized releases is so minimal (especially for HRmarketer members) you should be sending at least one per month.

How are your rankings?

If you are an HRmarketer customer login and visit the SEO Center. If you don't like what you see schedule a free one-to-one to start improving your SEO.

If you are not a customer just do some searches on major search engines for your keywords and see where you show up (and give us a call if you'd like some help).

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