The Tree of Opportunity: Reflections on ERE Expo Spring 2009

If any one image captures the zeitgeist of our times as well as the mood I sensed while attending the recent ERE Expo Spring 2009 in San Diego, it’s this one courtesy of the Future of Talent. Executive Director, Susan Burns walked me through the imagery.

DSCN0852 Here I stand in “my current world.” The “winds of change” are blowing hard around me. In the distance I see my “tree of opportunity.” But in order to get to the tree I must pass over the “bridge of obstacles” under which rages the “river of recruiting challenges.”

Marketers take note. This booth cost the least to produce and and stood out the most. Maren Hogen flagging attendees walking the aisles helped too – you can’t discount good booth staff!

Once I took in the scene I was hooked and had to engage.

This is the stuff that drives our great narratives in literature and film. It’s also a framework, either consciously or unconsciously, that keeps managers, recruiters, executives, and all business leaders ever hungry to hit the next goal, target, and milestone. These days, that goal may simply be to stay in business another quarter. For many job seekers connecting with recruiters every day, it’s even more personal and more dire.

But not everything is so gloomy.

Take for example, a series of remarkable stories and conversations from Peter Clayton and his reporting for Total Picture Radio. sponsored Peter’s reporting from the ERE Expo. Each conversation implicitly addresses the “winds of change” around us all – and in their own unique way, how billion dollar companies and newly formed non-profits alike are finding ways to cross the “bridge of obstacles” over the “river of recruiting challenges” toward the “tree of opportunity.”

I recommend listening to each of these interviews. If don’t already know about JobAngels, then the first interview is in the category of can’t miss.

While you’re at it, you should also subscribe to Total Picture Radio – Peter always has more to come.

Finally, it was great to see familiar faces and friends from, Improved Experience, Arbita, JobTarget,Bernard HODES Group, HRchitect, Qualigence, Simply Hired, and many others. While no hand painted murals hung in their booth space, they had a valuable presence and made a real show of the great people that stand behind these great brands of the recruiting industry.

Lastly, times are tough all over and it’s probably an impossible feat to attract anywhere near a “normal” years attendance. (I just read in BusinessWeek that there is no more normal). In any case, the team at ERE Media is a first class bunch and this event was as well.

I look forward to seeing everyone out for ERE Expo Fall!

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