The integrability of online marketing and PR

Came across a tweet this morning that led to an interesting and informative opinion post by Treb Ryan of OpSource titled Meet "Generation SaaS" (thank you @jasonaverbook). The post talks about the fact that the younger generations have grown up "wired" – i.e., grown up with the Internet and all the cool functionality it brings.

According to Ryan, "Users go online to manage their fantasy football teams, use Weight Watchers software, purchase music and so on – they expect a similar level of functionality from their enterprise SaaS apps, including the following":

Although I'll have to place "Integrate-ability" in the jargon bucket, since "integrability" is the better world, this is a very important list for HR software suppliers large and small (and there are a lot more small to mid-market on-demand delivery players out there than you think there are).

And of course what really struck me were the "online sales & marketing" and "new media" bullets. I'm not so sure about free trials (they've been a mixed bag for us), but you could give out comp accounts to key influencers and let them chat it up. Start using social media marketing, content and networking to spread the word without force feeding prospects (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, search-optimized press releases, blogging, webcasts, podcasts, white papers, research reports and so many more). Let your prospects and customers do the talking, but make sure you participate in that conversation – good and bad.

Courting key bloggers and other social media influencers is critical today. To be found online you need to participate online more than any other traditional marketing/PR activity (return on cost alone should be reason enough). Our latest vendor HR marketing report validates that practice for the third year in a row.

We recommend that you follow the integrability of online marketing and PR:

As mentioned in the last post, Jonathan Goodman, HRmarketer's VP of Sales and Business Development recently stated:

"Companies large and small are reworking their marketing budgets with many shifting resources to SEO and online marketing over other traditional (and costly) marketing activities. My advice to HRmarketer members and clients is do not give up your online marketing and SEO efforts. You risk losing ground faster than ever as companies across the board invest more in this channel."

Amen, brother.

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