is Launching The SEO Center. Are Your Shoelaces Untied?

I've been working with our development team and in-house SEO experts to prepare for the launch of's new SEO Center. The new feature will be launched in April and is available at no cost to all members. Trust me - it's very cool. Benefits include:
When the new feature launches, all members will find that by default they have five SEO reports already set-up based on the keyword phrases from their web site's META tags (users can then edit and create more reports).

So what's this about your shoelaces being untied?

The problem is that I am seeing too many companies with NO keyword descriptions in their Meta tags. So just for kicks I decided to randomly look at the web sites for about 40 national HR vendors.

What I found was shocking.

At least 50% of HR vendors either had:
I know there is a LOT more to SEO than Meta tags but having no keyword meta tags is like not tying your shoes before running onto the field to play your favorite sport. And it's indicative of larger underlying problems. So sure enough, when I did further research into these companies with no Meta keywords, nearly all had one of the following problems:
The last two are typically a big indicator of low in-bound links which is a huge determinant of your site's search engine rankings.

Jonathan Goodman, HRmarketer's VP of Sales and Business Development recently explained to me:
"Companies large and small are reworking their marketing budgets with many shifting resources to SEO and online marketing over other traditional (and costly) marketing activities. My advice to HRmarketer members and clients is do not give up your online marketing and SEO efforts. You risk losing ground faster than ever as companies across the board invest more in this channel."

My hunch is most of the CEO's of these no meta tag companies are not aware of the problem. Nor are the VPs of marketing. If they were, they'd likely fix it. The likelihood is the web site was delegated to a designer or someone else who didn't know SEO from SOS.

This is why marketing must own the company's marketing web site, search optimize it, and leverage the company's ongoing marketing and PR activities to further improve the web site's rankings.'s SEO center could not have come at a better time for these companies.

The question is do they care if their shoelaces are untied?