Come friend us on Facebook and join the HR Vendors Group

Yes, we know it's not really a verb – to friend – and our very own Grammar Ninja would be the first to tell you that, no matter how big Facebook gets.

But we won't tell her if you don't. However, we will tell you again about our HRmarketer Facebook page – to better connect with clients, potential clients, and join the online conversation on Facebook. Come join us and be a fan!

Many of you probably have personal Facebook pages, a profile on LinkedIn, or a blog, and it's more than likely that at least some of you have created, or at least contribute to maintaining, a company Facebook page or other social networking profile or even post regularly to the company blog.

Facebook, as well as other social networks, are wonderful tools that help facilitate communications and allow us to network and learn from one another. To that end, we have started a Facebook Group for HR Vendors called the Human Resources (HR) Vendors.

We hope this will be a place for HR product and service providers to network with each other and share information on a wide variety of topics related to the Human Resources marketplace. Stop by, join the Human Resources (HR) Vendors group, and say hi!

Post by Andy Benkert

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