Are you that Grossman fella? Opening night at the WorldatWork Conference & Exhibition

The exhibit hall opening night at the WorldatWork Conference & Exhibition was as mellow as a warming, oaky Chardonnay.

Which there was plenty of since HRmarketer is sponsoring the exhibitor lounge and last night was the Exhibitor Appreciation Reception after the exhibit hall closed. Our team schmoozed all night as only we know how – conversationally and personably – like a social networking flower in full bloom (don’t know exactly what that means, but just go with it).

Booth traffic consisted of a slow, sociable, mingling crowd (the attendees had their own Beer and Wine Around the World fest during opening night!). The suppliers we spoke with were looking forward to the first full day of exhibiting (today).

At one point a group of giddy HR professionals stopped by our booth, wine glasses in hand, and asked me in a sweet, Southern draw:

“Are you that Grossman fella who’s speaking this week?”

“No, ladies, I’m not,” I said.

They laughed, thanked me and then took some HRmarketer t-shirts. That’s kinda how it went for the night.

I don’t have official counts yet, but projected attendees total about 2,000 and there are almost 200 vendors at the show. We’ll write more soon about the first full exhibit hall day.

Lastly, a man approached our booth during the night and asked if we were the ones who blogged about crappy WorldatWork marketing promos from vendors.

I paused, not sure how to answer because I didn’t know if he was going to berate us or thank us, but then I said yes, we were.

A huge smile appeared on his face.

“You guys are a breath of fresh air,” he said.

He introduced himself as Howard Bailen, PR consultant to the WorldatWork folks, and he said our blog (and company) are well received and talked about amongst the supplier community.

Which is a good thing since that’s who we work with! Can’t wait to launch our new site!

Thanks for the kind words, Howard.

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