This is your stuff, collected and curated for you


Ah, the favorite content you fell in love with…can be right there where you want it. Every minute of every day.

And it is today for many of you. Maybe you use your RSS reader of choice. Maybe you use one or more of a myriad of content aggregation tools available today, not to mention your streams, channels and groups in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Maybe it's your slick infographics collected in Pinterest or your favorite videos on YouTube or your favorite podcasts on iTunes or maybe it's your favorite TV shows recorded on your DVR machine.

Speaking of favorite TV content, this morning I was watching The Today Show while working out in the home gym, and a Target Commercial came on.

The Shops at Target -- The shops we fell in love with. Collected and curated for you.


A brilliant niche play, don't you think? Not everyone who shops at Target is going to know what this boutique shops are unless they've had some direct experience with those brands. However, for those who frequent Target for regular stuff will now get the benefit of even more cool stuff.

Collected and curated for you.

Each of us has our own unique tastes, much to the chagrin of traditional media and print publications, and that means we want what we want when we want it and how we want it. Even when we don't, we want it.

And we'll get it today. Every minute of every day. Yes, there are still too many ways to get what you want when you want it and how you want it, and the universe is just too friggin' big. (Target can be too friggin' big for simple folk like me. Geesh.)

So closer to home, our home, the HR B2B realm with unique solar systems of people (analysts, media and social influencers) and content (white papers, articles and blog posts) that I need to understand how to:

SocialEars does this now for all parties -- our social listening and engagement software -- and soon it will be even easier for you get what you want when you want it and how you want it (complete with pretty yet highly effective personally configured tag clouds).

This is your stuff, collected and curated for you.

No, you're welcome.


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