TalentCulture: How the power of social media germinates collaborative partnerships

The democratization of knowledge flattens the world like a pancake. The alphabet, the written word, the printing press, SNL, the Internet...

And now social media.

While the jury is still out with the captains of HR industry about the ultimate business value of social media, most of us running businesses in the HR marketplace and beyond agree that social media is a viable marketing communications channel to:

The last bullet being the germinated seed of the TalentCulture community.

Meghan Biro, the founder of TalentCulture, is the consummate networker and someone I connected with on Twitter only a few months ago.

With her passion, wit and wisdom and her knowledge of the greater HR and recruitment marketplace, she pulled together a team of entrepreneurial contributors who will launch regular conversations about the issues of career, culture (workplace, digital lifestyle, trends, popular, alternative, arts) talent acquisition, branding, sustainability, social causes, motivation and innovation.

You name it. Besides sharing valuable content with our readers we of course hope to generate visibility and traffic for each other's businesses via the TalentCulture community, and ultimately leads and business.

I'm honored to be one of these fine folks -- these are Go-To Guys and Gals. Maybe in previous incarnations we would've met in any one of these forums:

Maybe...but instead is was the power of social media that germinated this collaborative partnership.

Right on. Please subscribe and read and spread the word!

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