How much thought leadership does it take to turn on the HR Buyer light bulb?

That all depends, but it's a damn good question that Chris Twyman, Founder and CEO of Zapoint, asked at HRmarketer's first-ever CEO Networking Series in Boston, MA.

Tim Clifford, CEO and Founder of Workscape, was our very gracious host in a magical winter wonderland.

For me, that is. I don't have to live in snow like our Direct of Sales Rita Jackson does. I made her drive. (She's an amazing driver and a special thank you goes out to her brilliant organizing of this first of many future networking events.)

We were fortunate to have 13 captains of HR industry attend (my lucky number -- you can find them all below). I gave a presentation on social media and the business value therein, and I must admit, my apprehension elevated.

It's one thing to participate fully in social media, write and promote an eBook on the subject, blog about it regularly, give virtual workshops on it to the marketing teams of Sage and Thomas International, and talk regularly to HRmarketer clients and prospects about it.

But it's quite another to talk to 13 C-level execs about it face to face.

The good news? I did good (and learned what to improve on for the next one). The better news? The attendees spent quality time networking and exchanging ideas. The even better news? Over half the esteemed attendees are participating more and more in social media on behalf of their organizations, falling in line with my on-the-fly HR supplier survey I did last month:

The bestest news of all? We facilitated some great discussion including Chris's question at the top of this post (of course he didn't phrase it that way).

When does blogging and other social media activities translate to new business? Where's the tipping point?

It depends, but everyone agreed that social media is a viable marketing communications channel to:

Social collaboration tools and services can also help with lead-nurturing programs and customer service (more on these soon).

And what have I said before? Fueling the face-to-face fire -- the innate calling to gather, meet and collaborate around similar ideas -- one of the oldest call-to-actions of the business world.

A very special thank you to:

Many more CEO networking events to come!

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