Making sense of your PR distribution options (no registration or batteries required)

Traditional wire releases. Search-optimized releases. Social media releases. The simple task of sending out a press release is not so simple anymore.

If it ever really was so simple. Marketing and PR is hard work. We've said it many times before.

You can't just put dog poop in a box, strap fireworks to it and light the whole friggin' thing on fire and expect to generate long-term publicity, traffic and leads.

And now that there are many different press release distribution choices available online, making sense of your options is becoming increasingly difficult - new ones are emerging monthly and existing ones are adding features regularly.

Our latest article titled Making Sense of Your Press Release Distribution Options is now available for direct download. No registration or batteries required.

The article -- authored by Mark Willaman, our fearless founder of Fisher Vista LLC (creators of and -- walks you through best practices in news distribution and goes into details on the following tips:

  1. Email your release directly to your short-list of targeted journalists, including local media (media relations).
  2. Email your release to your short-list of targeted bloggers (and, if applicable, industry analysts).
  3. Send your release via an Internet wire service - like PRWeb or Business Wire.
  4. Post the release to your own website's news page.
  5. Spread the word about your news to your social media networks.
  6. If you are publicly traded subject to fair disclosure regulations or believe your release has widespread and national news relevance (and you have the budget), send your release through a major traditional wire service.

Remember, you want to distribute your news releases to relevant bloggers, publishers, journalists and your buyers in order to build awareness of your news. You also want to get your release online so it can be indexed, found and shared.

To accomplish all this stuff, you need a well-organized and executed news marketing campaign consisting of a number of different tactics.

So get crackin' - roll up those sleeves and download the article.

Post by Kevin W. Grossman (join me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn - and now join HRmarketer on Twitter!)

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