7th Annual What’s Next Boomer Business Summit Announced

HRmarketer.com and it's sister product for the Boomer/senior caregiving marketplace SeniorCareMarketer.com will be attending, sponsoring, exhibiting and speaking at the 7th Annual What’s Next Boomer Business Summit.

Learn more about this event and register here.

Why am I posting this on a human resources blog?

Because you cannot discuss the aging population without discussing it's impact on the workplace. And because some HR vendors (and HR professionals) who read this blog will want to attend this event.

I discussed this relationship in a previous blog post titled Baby Boomers, The Aging Population and Human Resources.

In that post I wrote that I'm already seeing some senior care vendors enter the HR space by repackaging and introducing their B2C products/services to employers as elder care type benefits. One of these companies is Heartmath. There is also a new product category -- Brain Fitness and Cognitive software firms like Happy Neuron showing up in human resources shopping lists (training product for aging workers). And I am seeing forward thinking HR vendors enter the B2C space by repackaging their services for aging boomers and/or caregivers. Or putting a new twist on their corporate offerings to capitalize on this demographic change - including some talent management and T&D firms.

In another post Seniors Fuel Increase in Career-Site Visitors. The Bigger Picture we discussed the aging population's impact on employers. In particular, how every company will have to rethink recruitment and retention.

So check out the What’s Next Boomer Business Summit. Some of the speakers include: