Baby Boomers, The Aging Population and Human Resources's sister product is sponsoring this years Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit & Business Plan Competition.

The Facebook page for this event is here.

These are sensational events and attract some very prominent VCs (including corporate VCs) in the Silicon Valley marketplace.

Summit highlights include:
Who is attending?

So what does this have to do with HR?

A lot. Especially for companies that sell wellness, EAP, work-life, and any other product/service that relates to elder care and the aging workforce - even senior job boards!

In March I posted a blog Seniors Fuel Increase in Career-Site Visitors. The Bigger Picture. In the blog I stated how when Fisher Vista LLC first launched SeniorCareMarketer, I believed it to be a totally different market than

I was wrong.

As I speak with senior care and HR vendors I am realizing these two services are quite complementary. It's actually quite amazing.

Our economy is going through unprecedented changes as are the demographics of the world (aging population) and every company must think about how they will react to these changes.

I'm already seeing some senior care vendors enter the HR space by repackaging and introducing their B2C products/services to employers as elder care type benefits - and competing quite effectively with established EAPs and work-life companies. I'm also seeing forward thinking HR vendors enter the B2C space by repackaging their services for aging boomers and/or caregivers. Or putting a new twist on their corporate offerings to capitalize on this demographic change. In fact, our HRmarketer Services Group is working with one of these companies at the moment.

I know it is last minute but consider attending one of these Boomer events. If you are an HRmarketer member give your account rep a call and we can give you a free trial to so you can search for some events that make sense for you.

Either way, at your next strategy meeting give some thought as to how your company can evolve to better meet the needs of an aging population.

There will be lots of opportunities.

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