Sales team struggling? Try these expert tips.

So many things to blog about and so little time…

While I'm catching up on time, here's are some helpful tips from sales experts I came across in the latest Fortune magazine titled "How Can I Keep My Sales Team Productive in a Recession."

Let's face it – it's pretty crappy out there. Asteroids keep happening and you have to keep your marketing/PR visibility and website traffic up in order to be ready for the buyers when they're ready.

We're hearing from HR suppliers that outplacement (of course), leadership development, simulation/learning/assessment, succession planning, wellness coaching, workforce planning, compensation management and performance management still have traction. This also includes all sorts of efficiency opportunities for vendors to help HR reduce overhead.

Struggling with sales now though? Tell your struggling sales teams to stand tall and take initiative with these (we are):

If you get Fortune, you can read entire 3-minute manager page with these sales tips.

Good luck!

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