Cash is king, but if you must cut marketing and PR, outsource it

From the silver-lining sentiment of last week's ERE Expo, "We will get through this" – to the economic-angst-ridden presidential election this week – to the don't-hold-your-breath rising strength of the U.S. dollarthe giant pool of money is still pretty big, even with the losses it's taken of late.

They just aren't spending it; investment money is pretty hard to come by these days. VentureBeat, a Web news site that tracks Silicon Valley deals, assembled a group of investment experts last week at an event that was called "RecessionBeat" (read the San Jose Mercury News article). They gave survival advice to start-ups — tactics for cutting costs and raising money.

Mahalo's Jason Calacanis was quoted as saying, "This is no ordinary business cycle. This is a crisis. My prediction is that Google will lay off people. And that's when we'll know we've hit the bottom."

Crap. So we haven't hit bottom yet according to these guys. And yet, there are still many bright spots across industries, including the HR marketplace. You've heard us say content is king, and it is when it comes to marketing and PR, but right now cash is king.

The investment folk at "RecessionBeat" shared some helpful survival tips for companies – all of which are applicable to HR suppliers that aren't profitable and/or seeking investment whether you're a start-up or not:

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