ERE Expo Fall 2008: "We will get through this."

The ERE Expo Fall 2008 concluded Thursday, October 30 in Hollywood Beach Florida. The unusually cool weather that overtook South Florida on Tuesday this week served to underscore the "chill" in the markets and its effect on the recruitment industry.

That said, the few days of professional development, networking, and deal-making became part pep-rally, group therapy session, reality-check, and opportunity spotting for the mix of professional and corporate recruiters, recruiting thought-leaders, service provides, technology vendors, and industry media.

Jan Hopkins, former CNN anchor, in offering a political, economic, and cultural sweep of America summed up the sentiment underscoring the entire conference: "We will get through this." She's referring of course to the myriad of problems that have beset households, businesses, governments, and our financial markets.

Ethan Bloomfield, vp of sales operations at JobTarget (a show sponsor and exhibitor) offered a compelling argument for increasing or at least maintaining business investment: "Either it's going to get better or the world's going to end." I personally like that strategy for conquering the fear associated with the downside risk of doubling down in a down economy.

While the general perception was that attendance numbers this fall were down from previous expos, ERE deserves to be commended for producing a high-quality event. I'm quite certain that the ERE Expo will continue to be among the top-tier events in this industry, and placed atop the very short list of "must attend" events for recruiters who can get a hold of the budget dollars to attend a professional development conference.

Here are a few bullet points from my conference session notes:

From Jason Warner, Head of Staffing, Online Sales and Operations at Google:

More from Jan Hopkins:

From the participants, demonstrating the "wisdom of crowds:"

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