Podcast: Andrew Wilmot & Jason Leonard of Talent Maze

Recorded during the Onrec Expo 2008, Andrew Wilmot (right) and Jason Leonard (left) of Talent Maze describe the concept behind the company.

Andrew Wilmot, Chief Sales Officer, and Jason Leonard, President and Managing Director of
Talent Maze sat down with me during the Onrec Expo 2008 in Chicago to discuss the concept - that inspired the launch of their company - of an "eBay style marketplace" that connects employers and professional recruiters.

This is a jam packed discussion. Andrew and Jason discuss how Talent Maze solves for the major pain points of both professional contingencey recruiters and employers who are willing to pay to find top talent.

These two have years of experience in the Staffing industry and offer a lessons from recent history to predict how the emergence of this "recruitment marketplace" category might unfold.

They also admit that Talent Maze and their two primary competitors,
Dayak and BountyJobs, have plenty of work ahead of them to evangelize this new category to employers.

Seeing all three of these firms in action at the Onrec Expo, I can say that they're up to the task and not afraid of a little healthy competition.

Enjoy the interview and post your comments!

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