Podcast: What is Dayak?, Allan Sabol Explains

"Dayak is an online recruiting marketplace that matches employers to professionally trained recruiters throughout the country." - Allan Sabol

Kicking off the first of HRmarketer's interviews from the Onrec 2008 Conference and Exposition which recently took place in Chicago, Illinois, we bring you a discussion with the CEO of Dayak.com, Allan Sabol, who was also a conference speaker at the event.

Dayak.com, along with the other up-and-coming vendors in this space, create online marketplaces which connect employers with contingency recruiters and search firms, offering a number of compelling value propositions:
I've been watching the development of this emerging category of market-makers in the professional recruiting space for the past three years. TALENThire began work defining this category in November 2004 with their online platform. Though, they have seemingly let the first-mover advantage slip, as Dayak, BountyJobs, and the most recent entry, TalentMaze, are making swift moves to grow and capture business in this segment.

As you'll hear in this interview, Allan Sabol has big goals for Dayak. He speaks of transforming an industry. The editorial team at Onrec certainly took notice, nominating and both Dayak and competitor BountyJobs for the "Game-Changing Recruiting Technology Award." Neither won the award, but that does not diminish my sense that, despite the many ways that the Internet has already transformed the business of recruiting and staffing again and again, these technologies and approaches hold the promise to transform and revolutionize aspects of recruiting in new ways.

As someone who lives in the midst of the marketing hype, I realize we've heard this tune before. But something makes me think that these companies really are "game-changes" - they capture a hefty chunk of the fees paid to recruiters to be sure - but one can see how Dayak and these companies create much more value than they capture, for both parties, which is no mean feat.

Judge for yourself. We'd love to have your comments to continue the discussion.

Enjoy the inteview- and listen through to the end for the as yet untold story of how the company came to named "Dayak". You heard it here first!

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