Three Great Podcasts from SHRM 2008

Taking a page from the "new rules" of marketing & PR, the team from employeescreenIQ, as part their recently launched employeescreenIQ University, came to SHRM with a digital microphone in hand and with a bit of pre-planning, scheduled a series of interviews with certain notables during the conference and exhibition.

The first three interviews have been posted as podcasts and are linked here:

Yes, that last one is me. While not nearly as notable as Ms. Miner-Gorman of SHRM and not nearly as irreverently funny as Joel Cheesman, readers of this blog should enjoy listening to the interview. In it Nick Fishman, CMO at employeescreenIQ, questions me about some of the take-aways from HRmarketer's most recent "Trends in HR Marketing: HR Buyers' Behavior 2008" report.

All in all, you'll find great content in each of these three podcasts. A tip of the hat goes to the marketing team at employeescreenIQ for this initiative.

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

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