High-speed Internet access vital to our future

I touched on it at the end of my telecommuting post last week, but the fact of the matter is the U.S. continues to fall behind European and Asian nations when it comes to high-speed Internet access.

It's bad enough when small to midsize companies (like many of you, the HR suppliers) have limited choices of high-speed access and the integrity and consistent quality of access is fair to poor. Many suppliers these days have web-based delivery systems that are crucial to their customers and their businesses.

High-speed Internet access (or just any Internet access) is vital to the future of the U.S. economy, education and even the health of democracy. InternetforEveryone.org is a national coalition of individuals, public interest and industry groups who are working together to see that the Internet continues to drive free speech, economic growth and prosperity in America.

Businesses and individuals alike should get involved.

We need the speed to succeed.

Post by Kevin Grossman

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