Telecommuting saves energy, time, money, mind, body and soul

Besides the fact we have remote team members who solely telecommute, recently we've upped the telecommuting ante for our full-time staff to two days per week. Most of them drive 20+ miles round trip per day, so we did this primarily for three reasons:

To increase productivity you ask? How the heck do you know they're working when you can't see them?

According to Karol Rose, author of five books on human resources issues and an executive with FlexPaths, a Web-based provider of workplace flexibility solutions, companies need to:

Staff who have the subject matter expertise and skills needed for their position, are professional and autonomous (sales and customer service for example), and have the Internet connectivity and communications equipment can "virtually" work from anywhere and be just as productive if not more so.

According to a Sun Microsystems flexible work program study:

Through this program, nearly 19,000 employees around the world work from home or in a flexible office, representing more than 56% of Sun's employee population.

And lastly, according to a recent LifeCare (a work/life services company) poll of its 1,500 client organizations, 86 percent of full-time workers said that it is either "very important" or "important" that their employers engage in green initiatives.

Considering the latest tragic fires in our area turn commuting into excruciatingly stressful gridlock, working from home saves energy, time, money, mind, body and soul.

Now, if we can only catch up with the rest of the modern world and increase our Internet speed.
Posted by Kevin Grossman

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