The Collision of Marketing and Technology

Mark Willaman - President, founder

Marketers have a lot to learn from recruiters. The reverse is also true.

Both disciplines at a basic level are involved in starting and facilitating conversations and inspiring action.

Both recruiters and marketers found that the Internet radically changed their work in the previous decade. In more recent years, they've have found social media tools and technologies just as transformational .

For the recruiting community, Bill Vick's seeks to document "the collision of demographics, technology and recruiting" through interviews with 'leading recruiters, technologists and demographers." He's assembled quite an archive of video interviews with thought-leaders.

I found Bill Vick online a long time ago. Bill's biography is something remarkable. I had the pleasure to hear him speak at at the Dallas Recruiting Road Show last winter. I began to follow Bill on Twitter in recent months and jumped his call for perspectives on the ways technology and social media are impacting the HR, Recruiting, Marketing, and the overall business communications landscape.

For such a task, I recruited our president and founder Mark Willaman who I think did a pretty darn good job of it.

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

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