John Sumser's Recruiting Roadshow

On Tuesday, December 4, I attended the Dallas Recruiting Roadshow. My sincere thanks goes out to John Sumser, Ami Givertz, the presenters, and the sponsors who picked up the tab for facilities and food. The event was "sold out" although it was free to all participants. As a sales and marketing professional by day, I felt that I earned my seat only because I'm involved in recruiting staff, so can fashion myself part-time internal recruiter!

I am repeatedly struck by the many similarities of marketing and recruiting. My eureka is hardly a new idea; John Sumser wrote about this in 2003 in a white paper (link to PDF). These ideas and more were swirling in my head during my drive home from the Roadshow. Here are a few other notes:

What I found remarkable:

What I found memorable:

What I learned:

All in all a great day and future roadshows promise a unique opportunity for professional recruiters, the industry gurus, and the vendor community to all come together for a day of professional engagement.

You'll find information on future shows on the Recruiting Roadshow Web site.

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

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