Using Your Competitor's Name for Your Own SEO Purposes

Did you hear about Yahoo Being Sued For Buying Keywords On Google?

Basically, the suit filed on behalf of (a dating site) accuses Yahoo, and several other firms who run online dating type services, of bidding to appear on Google's results pages when users query on "lovecity" and the related terms "". In its complaint, JP Enterprises (who owns says that the ads cause consumer confusion, hurt the "lovecity" brand, and drive down sales.

Out of curiosity, I did a Google search for several well known HR suppliers and low-and-behold I saw some of their competitors show up on the right sidebar pay-per-click ads on Google. This is a no no. I'm not sure of the formal legalities in this but I'm pretty sure there is legal precedent that says you cannot do this and if not, in our opinion, it is highly unethical.

While we do not want to single out who we found doing this, we recommend HR suppliers periodically Google their own company name, brands and URL to see if any competitors are purchasing pay-per-click ads using your company's information. If you find someone doing this you may also want to check the respective company's web site to see if their web site's meta keyword tags also contain your company's information. This we know is illegal.

There are plenty of more ethical ways to boost your company's SEO and drive traffic to your web site.