SEO Revisited

We've written several blogs on search engine optimization. If you haven’t read them, they are definitely worth a read:

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We consider ourselves a credible source for giving advice on SEO since our own site,, consistently gets first-page rankings on Google, Yahoo! and other major search engines for the keywords we want it to. In other words, we practice what we blog.

So, with that in mind, we like to share SEO tips with our readers every chance we get. We recently came across an article by John Schwartz entitled Search Engine Ranking - Anchor Text is The Key that is worth a read. Check it out.

What's interesting is after reading our SEO blog postings and those of John Schwartz and other experts on SEO, you'll start to realize they all pretty much say the same thing.

In other words, SEO is not rocket science and if you take the time to understand SEO and apply best-practice SEO to your web site, you'll get the results you want. And you don't need to spend a lot of resources or money doing it.