Internet Marketing Is #1!

According to, 2006 promises to be the “Year of the Internet” for small and midsized businesses – where companies will employ strategic search marketing initiatives to generate leads, support their brand and branch out into new markets.

They also suggested six New Year’s resolutions for business success (for small and midsize businesses), and we thought we’d share them with those of you hadn't seen them prior to the holidays.

Of course we were happy to see Internet marketing was their number one resolution! Especially since we’ve been advocates of Internet marketing for some time now (see Marketing PR Works)!

Six New Year’s Resolutions for Business Success

1. Internet as Your Top Marketer

The Internet is the great equalizer and is often underutilized by small and midsized businesses as a marketing tool. Through a coordinated mix of search marketing, search engine optimization and keyword lead generation efforts; businesses have the opportunity to substantially increase their leads and, ultimately, their bottom line sales.

2. Business Plan: Blueprint for Corporate Evolution

Business plans often incorporate a "more of the same" philosophy, but the most successful companies are those that are constantly innovating - a mantra that starts from the executive leadership and permeates every part of the enterprise. Leaders must develop business plans that stress the need to change and adapt to current market conditions. The plans must also firmly assert that customer- centric innovation is not a project - it's a mindset - a facile, forward-looking approach to every task.

3. People Power

With business growth comes an increasing imperative to recruit and retain people who consistently add value to the enterprise and contribute to the company's success. A targeted human resources campaign leveraging the right mix of job-related Web sites, Meta search engines and other innovative HR strategies insures that human capital remains the most valuable corporate asset in the coming year.

4. Keep Saving For That Rainy Day

Maintaining a healthy cash flow requires careful planning for fundamental operating costs - particularly employee healthcare. A lack of foresight when managing cost centers like healthcare can result in an unexpected dearth of cash and can threaten the entire enterprise. Companies in need of liquid assets should consider the possibility of strategic partnerships that provide an extra boost of cash flow.

5. Stay Step Ahead of Technology

Technology continues to move forward at a rapid pace - providing companies with multiples ways to streamline their internal processes and reduce operating expenditures. Externally, a growing body of research indicates that today's consumers increasingly rely on the Internet, cell phones and PDAs to access information, purchase new products and communicate with family and friends. Businesses must package their advertising/marketing messaging and their product/ service offerings for these coveted platforms to remain relevant and visible to today's increasingly tech-savvy audience.

6. Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Performing random acts of kindness improves and differentiates the culture of the firm and the brand itself. Business is all about relationships - and even the smallest gestures are memorable and provide a visceral affinity for the company by customers and employees.