Fellow Marketers: We Have a ‘Lovability Problem’

Mike Volpe, the CMO for HubSpot, was all fired up yesterday as he delivered the keynote at InfluenceHR in NYC. If you’ve ever seen him in action, you’ll probably agree that passion oozes out of this guy.

So where was his passion flowing yesterday? Confronting marketers’ “lovability problem.” He cited a Gallup poll that found marketers are less lovable than lawyers (really?). On the plus side, at least we are more lovable than car salespeople.

The reason we’re not so lovable, he knows, is our reputation as the “spam” people. Sending you all this stuff you didn’t ask for and aren’t interested in. As marketers, we need to fix it. To fix it, we need to completely rethink our fundamental strategies and tactics. Here’s what stuck out for me though:


Mike put it right out there — doing our work smarter and better is HARD.

SO fellow marketers … here’s to embracing this new era of marketing. Here’s to telling people at parties we’re marketers and having them say “Cool!” Here’s to having awesome content delivered in the right context. It’s HARD, but it WORKS.


Post written by fisher VISTA/HRmarketer team member Katrina Busselle.

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