What a #Hashtag Tells Us: A Closer Look at #HRTechConf

If you are in the HR technology space, it’s a great idea to monitor #HRTechConf, the Twitter hashtag of the HR Technology® Conference and Exposition, especially since the much-anticipated show is coming up in early October. The hashtag provides a window into the event and the industry; it can help you identify people to try to network with, what topics are being discussed and the companies that will be making big news.

Since the conference focuses on technology, we decided it was fitting to use HRmarketer software technology to continuously analyze the #HRTechConf hashtag to get a deeper look at the conversation. We are displaying the results on a publicly visible webpage: http://hrmarketer.com/HRTechConf/.

What can you see? Plenty!

You can find out some interesting information on the continually updating webpage. For example, at the time of this writing, there were four tweets using the hashtag that came from Greenland. Who knew? As we get closer to the conference, more and more of the information we analyze and offer will have far greater value to HCM providers. And we will be discussing exactly how—and how you can put it to use—in an upcoming post.

If you love what you see and are interested in learning more about HRmarketer software and how we can analyze the HR data you care about give us a call. Remember, the better your view of the HR marketplace, the better your visibility.

Post written by HRmarketer / Fisher VISTA team member Eric Anderson.

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