Remember the Past When Promoting Content on Social Media

Social media is such a “now” thing that it’s easy to forget the past. That’s a mistake, especially when it comes to content.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media networks are great for promoting your latest content, but to maximize your brand exposure, you should consider sharing content you’re released previously.

There are, however, situations when, generally speaking, you should and shouldn’t share older content. And you should be careful where you share it.

Don’t share your older content if:

Do share your older content if:

Where to share older content:

As you consider your strategy for sharing recycled content, keep in mind the 80:20 rule: For every piece of your content you promote, the best practice is to share at least four pieces of others’ high-quality content. Doing so keeps your audience more engaged, and makes them less likely to stop following you.

One other quick point about older content: If it’s outdated, perhaps take the time to update it, especially if it was successful when first released. It can take a lot less time to update older content pieces than it does to create entirely new ones. And, then, of course, you can promote it on your social media properties.

Post written by HRmarketer / SocialEars HR team member Eric Anderson.

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