The Nitty-Gritty of Social Sharing

There are a lot of questions to answer when you share on social.

The big one, of course, is, “What should I share?”

But there are a lot of smaller ones that also need to be answered, including, “When should I share?” and “How should I share?” DK New Media and Compendium just came out with an outstanding infographic called “What Works for Social Sharing” that uses more than 300 companies’ social sharing data to provide detailed statistics that help answer these questions.

(A quick aside: remember these statistics are an average, and what works for others might now work best for you.)

The infographic differentiates between B2B and B2C companies. Here are some of the more interesting B2B results:

Social Sharing – what and when works - Compendium

There are several more interesting statistics in the infographic, including how using question marks, exclamation marks and numbers affect clicks. You can also find the best hours and even the best parts of the hour for sharing B2B content.

And all throughout, you can see how B2B compares with B2C. It’s fascinating stuff. Check it out.

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