Content Marketing: A Game of Skill #Infographic

We'd like to share an infographic with you.  It's called "Content Marketing: The Game", a fun look at 14 methods that will help you win at the serious business of content marketing.

Why This Infographic is Important

After you've written a major piece of content, do you know how to market it effectively? It's vital that you do because content marketing is crucial for your marketing success - and only getting more important - for SEO (because of Google's Panda and Penguin updates), developing your brand and generating leads.  But writing great content isn't enough - you need people to see your content. 

This infographic shows you how to maximize the value of your content.

Enjoy. | Infographic | Content Marketing: A Game of Skill
Content Marketing: The Game (click to enlarge)

P.S. The infographic was created by the talented team at the Fisher Vista marketeting agency for and SocialEars - software for content marketers who want to get found, be shared and increase engagement.

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