Help Wanted! Economy heats up for contract & temporary staff

It’s time for you Recruiters to go to work! According to Timothy Landhuis a Research Analyst at Staffing Industry Analysts in his recent article Temps: Demand in Certain Segments at Historical Highs, recruitment is heating up for some recruiters who bring-to-hire contract and temporary employees.  This makes perfect sense, since most companies have cut their workforce to the bone because of the recession.  The companies who survived the last few grueling years actually need to find some new employees.   So, in some industries and for some areas of employment recruiters will find opportunities.

It is time to focus on some specific niche markets, according to the research Landhuis has provided. 

“Some temporary help segments are expected to surpass their historical peaks in 2013: industrial (112% percent of historical peak), information technology (116%), physician staffing (128%), engineering (111%), clinical/scientific (104%), and marketing/creative (106%)”.

These are highly skilled areas of expertise, so it’s not going to be easy to fill these job openings.  But, on the bright side, these job openings could be a temporary opening; one that leads to regular employment for the applicant, a foot-in-the-door for your candidates.  I believe that the job market is starting to open up a bit, but employers may be a bit skittish to bring regular full-time employees on yet.  That will have to change soon, for your highly skilled candidates.    

Recruiters: Start working your networks!

Post written by HRmarketer | SocialEars HR staff member, Dawn Passaro. Dawn has over 15 years experience as a human resources professional. Dawn's postings on this site are her own.

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