Build Sales by Becoming an HR Expert

Editor’s note: HRxAnalysts just came out with a white paper, “10 Ways to Effectively Market Your Business With Social Media,” that was sponsored by HRmarketer | SocialEars HR. We are doing a series of blog posts covering each of the “10 Ways,” providing deeper coverage and analysis. Today, we continue the series with No. 3, “Become an Expert.”

People have a need for experts. We’ve come to rely on them, and to look for them, and to respect them.

Many people make a great living by being experts, or at least being considered as such. And the more complicated a subject or field might seem, the more people find themselves looking for an expert.

The human resources industry is increasingly complicated, so experts (aka HR influencers) are increasingly in demand. As HRxAnalysts’ John Sumser wrote in “10 Ways to Effectively Market Your Business With Social Media,” “The torrent of material from social media and democratic publishing creates a challenge for most readers. It is really, really hard to make sense out of all the content and conflicting ideas. That’s why the market responds so well to the voice of authority.”

The appearance of expertise might be more important than actual expertise, at least when it comes to being an “expert” based on content and social media conversations (it wouldn’t be the case if you were, say, an expert plumber). In other words, what you know might not be as important as how effectively and how often you communicate it. This is not to suggest that one “fakes” being an expert, because you can’t, at least over the long term. Rather, it’s to argue that your expertise is valuable because of what others see in you, so you should be careful to cultivate your image. Also, becoming an expert is a process, so you shouldn’t worry too much if you aren’t initially an expert in some facets of your subject.

There are a number of specific benefits to becoming a recognized expert in the human resources marketplace, including:

But to put the benefit in general terms, people will want to work with and be associated with you. You, and your company, will get more attention.

Becoming a recognized expert is hard work. As Sumser wrote, it takes “time, patience and routine (daily or weekly) content delivery.” While you don’t need to know everything to become a recognized expert, you should, over time, explore the facets of your subject, which both will enhance your expertise and build your audience and reputation.

One of the best ways to explore a subject — and a good place to start in an effort to become a recognized expert — is to stay up-to-date with all of the stories related to your topic. As Sumser wrote, “Read them for research. Comment on them. Criticize them.” With so much content out there, this alone will provide great value to you, as well as your audience.

And, over time, you will truly become an expert.

Post written by HRmarketer / SocialEars HR team member Eric Anderson.

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