10 Ways to Social Media Marketing Success

Download 10 Ways to Effectively Market Your Business With Social Media
     At its core, social media involves two things: people and content.

     Generating business, meanwhile, is frequently about making a connection with a person (or company) who can benefit from your product or service. Frequently, the person is drawn to the business by content, whether it is via advertising, an article, etc.

     The connection between social media and generating business is obvious. Perhaps that’s why so many articles and blog posts have been written about how businesses can use social media.

     A Google search of “use social media for business” revealed 1.73 billion results. Most of those results are surely noise or duplicates, but still, you can spend a good chunk of your life reading about the topic.

     Most of the articles and blog posts share one characteristic: They mostly provide generalities, instead of precise, actionable information.

     We’re excited about the new white paper “10 Ways to Effectively Market Your Business With Social Media,” written by HRxAnalysts Principal Consultant John Sumser (and sponsored by SocialEars HR), because it’s not filled with generalities, but instead provides specific results B2B companies can accomplish. These results can help them draw new clients and maintain current clients, and also enhance their own reputations.

     This white paper will be beneficial both for companies already involved in social media and those that aren’t. For those that aren’t, the list of things they can accomplish with social media can help them determine if it will solve their marketing needs and pain points. For those that are involved, the paper will show them ways how they can more fully benefit from their social media marketing.

     We won’t go into each of the “10 Ways” here — for that, go read the white paper, which you can do by following the instructions below — but, as a whole, they allow companies to take advantage of the core of social media, which again, is people and content.  Most importantly, none of these “10 Ways” require a lot of money and they can easily be handled by any company or marketing department — regardless of size or resources.  The “10 Ways” consist of actions businesses can take to use influential people and popular content within their niches to their advantage, as well as how they can themselves can become influential online and generate popular content, thereby drawing the attention of potential customers and improving inbound marketing initiatives.

     We can also tell you that each one of these “10 Ways” can be done a lot better and a lot more efficiently using SocialEars HR. We know this because our own HRmarketer Services Group is doing these “10 Ways” for their customers using  SocialEars HR. And the results speak for themselves.  And we’d be happy to show you how to get similar results. Just send us an email at sales [at] hrmarketer.com

    Here’s a small sample from the white paper to give you an idea of what we mean by specific, actionable information. The following example shows you can use existing online content to draw your desired audience to your website:

         8. Build a Link Magnet

Your Web page can be the center of your social media market development program. Everyone who produces content for the Web wants to have links that point to their material. The process of collecting (and perhaps reviewing) key links on a subject area is called curation.

Curated content solves a recurring problem for your audience. A single source of hand-selected links (with a little note about the material) helps your potential customers navigate the logjam of material.

A regular piece on your blog called “This Week’s Five Best” can be used to develop traffic and attention. By letting the authors know that you are featuring their work, you build additional strength in those relationships.

     Now, maybe some companies aren’t interested in building a link magnet. That’s OK. One of the cool things about the “10 Ways” is that they are distinct, varied actions and companies don’t need to do all of them. Doing three or four, or even one or two, consistently well can have a significant effect on companies’ bottom lines.

Download the paper now - you won't be disappointed.

Post written by HRmarketer / SocialEars HR team member Eric Anderson.

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