How To Win A Gold Medal With Your SEO? Part 2/2

In Part I of this post, we argued that to maximize the visibility of your website, you need to have lots of great content.

An obvious question follows: How do you go about having lots of great content?  It may be an opportunity to enhance your website’s visibility and build your business, but many small companies don’t have the staff resources to write much content.

Writing original content in house, however, is not the only option. Companies also can curate it (share other people’s content). In the former case, staff members or contracted writers produce content on topics relevant to companies’ niches and their customers and sales prospects. In the latter case, they provide a service by using their expertise to identify the best articles and blog posts,  related to their industry and then pass them on. Another strategy is a blend of the two — incorporating other people’s great content into your original content and/or commenting on other people’s content while referencing your original content.

An important note is that this content — known as brand journalism — is not marketing, but is news customers and prospects can use. You benefit through greater visibility and enhancing your reputation. And of course, lead nurturing.

For many smaller companies, content curation, although it demands fewer resources, might still seem like too much of a time suck. It can take a great deal of time to read all the articles and blog posts on given topics. Even using the Google search engine is a laborious process, for as powerful as it is there are lots of irrelevant search results, which requires going through pages and pages of results.

Fortunately, there are tools that will help you find material to curate much more quickly.

One example is SocialEars HR Edition, which, unlike a search engines, uses conversation analysis technologies to filter out the noise of the entire universe to ,analyze only the meaningful articles, blog posts and social shares from  journalists, analysts and social influencers who are relevant to the human resources marketplace. . The effect of this smaller focus is it reduces the amount of irrelevant content tremendously.

This is important because when you enter a topic into SocialEars HR Edition, for example, it will give you quick access to relevant content — articles, blog posts, tweets, etc - from relevant HR thought leaders and influencers who are engaged with that topic. 

All you have to do, then, is pick out the best content.

Post written by HRmarketer / SocialEars staff member Eric Anderson.

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