Turning Social Noise Into Beautiful Music

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What are you listening to?

The Rolling Stones? Beethoven? U2? Rascal Flatts? Coldplay? Michael Buble’? Beyonce? The Bee Gees?

Our music choices say a lot about our interests, style, our generation and tastes. My 21 month old daughter loves music. When she hears a tune that has a definitive beat, whether it’s coming from one of her toys or it’s a new pop song “Fine By Me” by Andy Grammar, she starts to dance.

And musical tastes are subjective –what you like and appreciate is different from what others may be in to. To some, a band like LMFAO is creative and fresh, while to others their music is a bunch of noise. To some The Beach Boys are just an old California pop band, but to others, including a lot of famous musicians, the music of founding member Brian Wilson is pure genius. (As I learned about this past weekend on NPR’s Ann Delisi’s Essential Music.)

So in the world of social media, what you find useful is different from what your colleague may find interesting. What do you consider a bunch of noise – reading that someone you don’t even know just checked into the Atlanta airport or that they had tuna for lunch? And what is music to your ears – an entertaining podcast with Seth Godin, or a great article on leadership that you can apply to some challenges you’re facing at work?

To many, the world of social media is just a lot of noise – thousands of tweets, facebook posts, blog posts, videos and photos shared every second. How do you decide who is worth “listening” to and what to pass up?  Do you really have to click on that link in a tweet to see if it’s worth your time? How do you find useful content and connections for your business in the vast sea of people sharing great information alongside people sharing junk?

There are a lot of social technologies out there to help – whether it’s simply a software to help you filter tweets by hashtag or topic, or a powerful social listening and conversation analysis software that does the heavy lifting of searching, analyzing and archiving content and resources for you – going beyond the 140 character tweet to include what that tweet was linking to. It saves you time and uncovers trends and influencers you may not have known otherwise.

If you want to go beyond using twitter filters and Google searches to find and monitor what’s happening in your industry and who is engaged in topics relevant to your business, then check out SocialEars HR Edition – social listening and conversation analysis software for your universe of HR.

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Trust me, it will be music to your ears!

Post written by HRmarketer staff member, Jocelyn Goodman Cook.

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