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It is interesting to be part of the creative process of putting together a community theatre production – from audition to rehearsals to SHOW baby – very interesting.  I happen to be at the tail end of this amazing, complicated, frustrating, crucial and essential process while performing in Stephen Sondheim’s “A Little Night Music” playing the part of Desiree.
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The end result is only found with the collaboration of lighting designers, sound designers, set designers and builders, music direction, production and publishing teams, script direction, costume and make up team, actors and singers, choreography and orchestration and then finally the audience.  But how does all of this come together?  Communication (hence the headline).

Now, this is not a best kept secret to successful musical productions, or your personal or business life. It’s right there in your face.  Communication is essential – what to say, when to say it, who to say it to and why are you saying it.  Easy?

Well …… not really.

There have been some fabulous books and articles about communication recently. Searching SocialEars HR Edition for content shared over the last week in the HR industry brought me over 30 articles on improving communication, which can help you with the “how” of communicating your message. BUT what about the What – When – and Who?  That is not so easy, especially with the onset of social.

So how do you monitor millions of twitter posts, LinkedIn posts, Facebook posts, blogs, articles, ebooks, white papers? And then to find information relevant to your industry, and then to filter through that stuff for your niche in that industry; and then of course getting away from the “meet you at Starbucks dude” and find the nuggets of conversation that are important ….. oh my head hurts!

But YES it can happen by accessing “social conversation analysis software” OR by manually monitoring each of the above mentioned social media networks individually.

Hmmmm – which do I have time for?  Bring on the conversation analysis software please.

For outreach, PR, marketing messaging, blogs posts, content writing, business development and so much more – timing of communication is as essential as what is being communicated and who you communicate it to.   Others have said it better – and I will suggest that you read some previous, and may I say brilliant, posts from this blog on many different aspects on this very topic. Here are a few:

I know this is a funny way to end a blog by telling to you to read something else, but another skill of communication is to know WHEN to stop talking!

Oh yes …. one more word …. SocialEars (conversation analysis software).

Post written by HRmarketer / SocialEars staff member Rita Jackson.

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