YES, HR you do need to be a babysitter in your organization!

In the news this week, we saw Karen Huff Klein a bus monitor in Greece, NY humiliated and tortured on the job in living color courtesy of social media. 

"Where was HR in this? Surely they knew this was a possibility. Why weren’t there systems in place to help Karen before. Surely the video wasn’t the first time Karen had faced issues in her workplace."

We saw the RCMP struggling with widespread corruption in the RCMP. (Yes Johnny, while it wasn’t said outright – we thought you knew sex with subordinates in your office is wrong and that a keg party at corporate headquarters after hours isn’t a good idea.)

"There were complaints. Everyone knew…there was proof, was it simply the unionized environment that prevented the issues from being addressed…or was it more."

A close friend has to deal with an executive who constantly demeans employees and throws tantrums that brings employees to tears. It’s condoned, because the leader in this case and I quote is stressed.

HR and Leadership suggested a paid vacation for the exec in question. The exec has never been written up or taken any kind of training to fix the issue.

There are a ridiculous amount of rules in business today and the burden of setting the standards, disseminating the information through the organization and then enforcing it…often rests on the weary shoulders of HR.

In the last few years alone, new legislation is in progress or has passed making employers more responsible for:

Are all these rules necessary? Unfortunately in most cases they are.

HR, I know your job is tough…but baby it’s going to get tougher!

Don’t just stand-on high and delve the ten-commandments out and expect managers to live the standard. Check in on them, use undercover corporate services, protect and support your whistle-blowers and for heaven’s sake stand-up and don’t be afraid to do what’s right. You committed to it in your HR certification, now back it up!!

Long and short, be a good babysitter and peek in on the kids once in a while and make sure they aren’t killing one another.

Easy for me to say. I learned all about HR and then opted for sales. 
Less responsibility.

--HR’s masked marauder

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