Get To 1st Base (and beyond) With Your Social Marketing & PR

   What are marketing and PR “wins” worth?

    It depends. What does it depend on? Readership, reach and influence.

    We’ll explain using baseball terms.

    A bylined article placement in a prominent trade magazine read by your customers would be a grand slam. The magazine has big reach and influence, and the people you most want to reach are reading it. Article placements in other magazines could be a home run, a triple or a double, depending on the publication’s readership, reach and influence.

    A small mention in a publication could be a triple, double or a single, again, depending on the publication’s readership, reach and influence.

    Now another question: What are social media marketing and PR “wins” worth?

    The answer is the same: It depends, and it depends on readership, reach and influence. Social media, however, provides more ways to “win,” a whole new group of targets to “win” with, and even guaranteed “wins.”

    Here are some of the ways to “win” and their values:

     — A bylined article placement: Just like with traditional marketing and PR, this could be a grand slam, home run, triple or double, depending on the publication.

     — A small mention in a publication: Triple, double or single, depending on the publication.

     — A tweet, retweet, Facebook or LinkedIn share by someone else including a link to your content: This could be anything from a strikeout to a grand slam, depending on the readership, reach and influence of the person doing the tweet or share. If a key influencer tweets your news, the value can be more than an article mention. If the person who tweets your news has few followers and no influence, well, there’s always the next inning.

    — Following, being followed by (Twitter) or connecting with (LinkedIn) influencers: A single at best, but usually a walk. That’s OK because over time these can add up, increasing one’s social media footprint and chances for tweets and retweets of your news.

    — Your own tweet or LinkedIn or Facebook message referencing your news or content: This can be a single or more, provided you have built up the number of people who are following or connected with you. In other words, if you have built up your readership, reach and influence, without being a blowhard, your tweets and messages will have more value. Speaking of being a blowhard, if all your social communicating is about you and your great company/products, your tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn messages will likely be ignored or get you into trouble — that’s a balk.

    — A comment on a blog: Guaranteed single and maybe more, so long as it’s not a blatant commercial in which case you get traded for a marketer to be named later or worse, demoted to a losing minor league team.

    Marketing and PR (traditional or social media) is about effectively getting your news and brand before your desired audience. With traditional techniques, this is largely done through print, online and broadcast media, where there are usually gatekeepers involved. Social media offers new opportunities with fewer, if any, gatekeepers where you control your company’s influence and reach.

     To have the most success, marketers and PR pros should use a cohesive strategy of growing their social media footprints and networks on the various social media websites; authoring original content and sharing it on their social channels; curating other people’s content; commenting on blogs; and connecting with people (journalists, analysts and social influencers) when they have news to publicize.

    Go ahead, suit up and get into the ball game. Join the conversation. And remember, try to avoid strikeouts, balks and demotions.

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