Fragmented Attention Spans? Hogwash. Great Messaging Resonates.

Marketing channels are growing like kudzu. To put it more precisely, they're fragmenting at a rapid rate. A recent article by Steve McKee titled Integrated Marketing: If You Knew It, You'd Do It,  offered an insightful overview of the best weapon to combat this fragmentation: an integrated marketing strategy and consistent identity/messaging.

It's quite a good piece and well worth reading. However, at one point the author writes that, along with the marketing channels themselves, “attention spans are becoming increasingly fragmented.” Nonsense.

Yes, there are more channels than ever vying for your buyers' attention. But that does not mean their attention spans are more fragmented. In fact, just as always, your buyers have perfectly adequate attention spans-if your messaging resonates with them.

Buyers can pay attention to only one channel and one vendor at a time. And the length of time they'll pay attention to a channel or a vendor is not a function of how many channels and vendors there are. It's a function of how effectively a channel or vendor is in sparking and holding a buyer's interest. Do a lousy job of appealing to your buyers and they'll change channels pretty quickly. But that's always been true, even when there were only a handful of channels.

Without question, the abundance of marketing channels changes the game. But this abundance doesn't fragment your buyers' attention spans. They'll pay attention to you … as long as you're saying something worth listening to.

Post written by Michael Civiello, corporate communications writer/copywriter

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