Last Week's Most Widely Shared (online) HR Content: Powered by SocialEars

We thought it would be interesting to show you some of the most widely shared HR content on social networks during the last week.  The list is below.

To determine what was most popular we looked at a sampling of several thousand active online HR influencers and then analyzed within this group the number of original tweets linking to an article, the number of re-tweets linking to the article (removing duplicates - e.g., the same person linking multiple times to same article - shame on you:-), LinkedIn posts linking to the article, and lastly, Facebook updates linking to the article. Is it an exact science? Nope - nothing is when it comes to measuring popularity online. It's a snapshot. For example, we did not factor in "likes". Will these articles have staying power? Who knows, but they sure were popular last week. Congrats to the authors.

To do the analysis, we used SocialEars HR Edition which analyzes the online social content and conversations in the human resources marketplace, including:
At it's core, SocialEars allows you see what topics are trending and the people and media outlets that are participating in and driving these discussions - as well as what the most popular content is for a respective topic. 

HR is a big space. In just 7 months SocialEars has indexed and analyzed just under 2 million sources of original "content" from the above sources (includes tweets).

Here is the list:

1. Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs opinion piece from the New York Times (@nytimes)

2. 5 Ways Leaders Botch Communication – Without Saying a Word by Amy Beth Miller on Todd Nielsen's blog (@toddbnielsen)

3. Red tape is OK for Christians, it seems  by Rick (@FlipChartRick)

4. Lessons on Leadership and Life from a Football Match  by David Hain (@davidhain) - another one from Todd's blog. Popular blog.

5. Sacrificial Lambs (pt1. Henry) by Chris Fields (@new_resource)

Also worth pointing out was an article by Sharlyn Lauby (@sharlyn_lauby) titled Human Resources Drives Technology Innovation  as it was only a few shares from making the list.

Another "article" that made the list wasn't really an article so we removed it from the above list. This was a request to take a survey from Achievers titled "Achievers Insights: Understanding Today's Workforce."  While it is not an article per se it does show how effective Achievers was in promoting the survey on social channels - it was quite popular so kudos to their online marketing and PR team for generating such a high amount of online visibility for the survey.

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