Social Media and Word-of-Eye Marketing

We tend to prattle on about the marketing power of social media, but Anne Reuss is living proof that it’s the great equalizer.

Anne is deaf and a champion of social media. She’s got an amazing passion which quickly shines through in her series of YouTube videos -- where she shares her views about content curation, Pinterest, the accessibility of social media and more. As you’d guess, she’s got a unique perspective: social media has once again connected her to marketing and the world, and her voice is as loud and clear as anyone else. Rather than word-of-mouth marketing, she’s benefiting from “word of hand” or even “word-of-eye” marketing . . . billions of eyeballs trained on computers and phones.

Let Anne tell you in her own words  – it’s less than two minutes long and worth every second:

The way we learned about Anne is pretty cool, too: her video appeared in a recent blog post by Mark Schaefer, a social media marketing consultant. Peter, our lead developer on SocialEars, was scanning SocialEars this week (he’s a confessed addict) and discovered Anne’s video. And now we’re sharing it with you.

I love how Anne describes social media as her form of background noise, in the same way we flip on a TV or a radio to stay connected while working or doing chores. When we talk about noise at HRmarketer, it’s usually in the context of helping companies get noticed in this crazy world of online noise. Yes, there’s an unlimited world of information is at our fingertips but it can be incredibly deafening. With so much online chatter, sometimes you can’t hear anything at all. 

If you’re a marketer trying to research the favorite story topics of a journalist / analyst / social voice, or determine what topics are trending (and the people and stories influencing those topics) -- or simply get connected -- it’s hard to know where to start.......

That’s why we created SocialEars. I think Anne would enjoy the irony.

Posted by Elrond Lawrence, VP of media relations for HRmarketer.

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