The Changing Landscape of HR Marketing and PR

Things have changed.

In marketing and PR, that is.

If you are managing your marketing and PR the same way you did five years ago, you are doing it wrong.

Two statistics to help make the point:
For a lot of examples why things are different, see our new Infographic, The Changing Landscape of HR Marketing and PR.

I'll summarize in three steps what HR vendors need to be doing with respect to their marketing and "media relations":

1. You need to be online.
2. You need to regularly produce engaging content on all your social networks.
3. You need to identify and pique the interest of the online ”influencers” and “content curators” - and distribute your “news” to these groups.

Sounds obvious, right?

But how many of you are still blasting your news releases over your favorite wire service and sending your news releases as a bulk email to the same list of journalists?

This former is important (but not enough). The later is wrong.

In other words, the "list" of people you are sharing your news with should be based on who is presently participating in and driving the online conversations about the topics your news relates to. And this list of thought leaders changes daily - that's the value of and SocialEars, software to help you sort through the noise, identify trends and the key influencers driving these trends and engaging these thought leaders so you can start to stand-out and build your visibility in both traditional and new media. These products give you an instant list of the thought leaders relevant to your news (and their recent "conversations" that relate to the topic(s).

To learn more register for our December 8th webinar with Lance Haun, contributing editor of ERE and, and Elrond Lawrence, vice president of media relations for Lance and Elrond will host this interactive webinar on understanding today's media relations and social PR.

Elrond and Lance will discuss:

- How media relations has evolved in the age of SOCIAL MEDIA
- How to target the right "journalists" (e.g., influencers)
- How to get your news noticed.

In other words, how to do PR the right way, today.

Other topics will include:

- Writing a good introduction for your press release
- The importance of personalizing your news or story pitch
- What makes for a newsworthy topic
- What not to send a journalist

Fact is, a lot of people influence HR today: traditional journalists and analysts, HR vendors, consultants, HR professionals, etc., etc. And not all of them work in the HR marketplace. Many are in IT, finance and other departments that influence HR decision makers. Their level of influence fluctuates, and so do the topics they influence. And they do their influencing on a lot of channels: traditional print media, podcasts, blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

So register for the webinar today and find out how to do media relations the right way in today's social landscape.

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