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Alien tech

I ordered an iPhone 4S last Friday, upgrading from my 3GS. If you're a fan and watched the Apple promo videos (or any of their videos over the last few years), you'll notice that they make ordinary activities look extraordinary with their elegant hardware and software.

It's alien technology and I love it.

But you don't have to be an Apple fan to like amazing technology; that's not what this post is about. It's about companies who make extraordinary products and/or offer great services -- and market them as such.

I mean, Google's Android phones may have had blips of marketshare grab, but their campaigns are over-the-top Transformer sci-fi belch (remember, my cold and super cold crappy brand marketing).

Transforming ordinary activities into an extraordinary user experiences is where it's at. Keep it real, especially in our space.

After such an amazing HR Technology Conference and Exposition last week in Vegas, here are six companies that come to mind in the HR B2B space that do jus that -- transform -- with their products, services and/or marketing (and/or because even with extraordinary stuff, not all of them have the marketing quite there -- but hey, they're working on it).

  1. Workday: If you've seen or used their HR software, you know what I mean. Talk about turning ordinary HR business workflows into extraordinary collaborative software interactions. Plus, they know how to talk with the HR business and the practitioners who populate it. That's huge today because too many vendors can't in a world gone cloudy.
  2. ReviewSNAP: Their refreshing approach to conducting performance reviews while ensuring ongoing feedback in a way that clearly conveys to the employee the benefits that await them when they embrace workplace behavioral changes. It's called Benefits-Based Performance Management™ (BBPM™), and it's sweet.
  3. Talent Technology: Like what Workday has done with HR software, Talent Tech has done with sourcing and recruiting technology. It's called Talemetry. And again, they know how to talk with their buyers.
  4. Visier: Workforce and business data analytics are hot today, but too many vendors still only offer a few reporting choices, basic visualization and may or may not have predictive algorithms baked in. But if any company has what I'll call "alien" technology, turning ordinary data into an extraordinary interface that HR pros will understand and use, it's Visier.
  5. Dovetail Software: My goodness, what's more painfully ordinary than dealing with issues and questions from employees? But Dovetail is on to something with their HR case management software, again turning ordinary activities into extraordinary process management and service delivery that can achieve significant savings for HR.
  6. myStaffingPro: Any talent acquisition technology company who focuses on the candidate experience when developing their software is extraordinary as far as I'm concerned. And too many vendors still aren't doing that. But myStaffingPro is and they've got the usability statistics to back it up.

There are so many others (thankfully) that I could mention here, some of which I've written about here, and others I just haven't gotten to yet (TotalRewards Software and and Talent Circles).

And of course, we have to include our very own new marketing platform launching at the end of October, complete with SocialEars.

Socialears beta2 300px


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