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That one always comes back to haunt me. The name and the old school days of HR recruitment technology and the front end of the greater boom, where the internet was bright and shiny with a capital "I" and companies bid big on programmers and engineers and developers to launch them and their tech into online stardom.

Like many today in social and mobile. Smaller, faster, better. Again. Crazy.

Recently I reviewed the list of 95 exhibitors from the first HR Technology Conference & Exposition way back in November of 1998, and there they were -- -- the sourcing software and services firm I worked for that built talent communities and then with software "artificial intelligence" magic matched applicants to job descriptions.

Like many today in recruitment tech. Are they around still? Nope, and speaking of that, what percentage of companies from that first HR Tech expo do you think are still around today under their same name?

Take a guess. 8%? 18%? 28%? 38%?

I'll give you a hint -- less than a third and more than a quarter. Wow. What a difference a decade and some change makes.

Hey, if you like HR tech trivia, then you should check out our HR tech trivia contest.

Those who answer all the questions correctly will be entered into a drawing for two new iPad 2s that we'll announce at booth #950 at HR Tech on Tuesday, October 4, at 3:45 p.m.!

And why are we running this HR tech trivia contest (it's not one of the HR tech trivia, but give it a go anyway)?

How many years has been in business as of this October, 2011?

10 years! Right on. So to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we came up with this 10-question quiz to test your knowledge of the HR B2B tech marketplace over the last decade.

Hey, don't scoff. I already gave you one answer, and how about another question and hint?

What city was the first HR Technology Conference & Expo held at?

Why, the city of brotherly love, of course.

That one was easy, but there are others that aren't so easy, like:

Which industry analyst founded a company named IQ4Hire early in his career?

I'll tell you this -- it's not Paul, Phil or Ringo.

Look for other hints online and you can even ping me if you want some help.

Really. I'm that kind of a guy. We want you to win.

See you at HR Tech!

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