Are you being seen as beloved through your storefront window?

Family vacation has been fun, but it's a lot of work as well with baby and toddler in tow, so it's time to get back to the other work, because the Mama and Daddy can only take so much fun...

Yesterday we were driving back to Portland for our flight home today, and I saw a billboard with a big bee that said:

Bee Seen -- Outdoor Advertising Works

Of course the "buzz" wasn't lost on me and it got me thinking about business brand, both from the employment perspective as well as the buyer perspective.

Being seen is the first stage of brand immersion (visibility), but you also want to be known (thank you Monster) and the lucky few, beloved. How do you get there?

First, let's start with the outdoor advertising. Imagine you're walking down Main Street in Any Town, USA, and then imagine it's the holidays. (I know, it's the middle of July, but just go with it.)

As you're walking down said Main Street with your family, all bundled up and huddled together to stay warm (no, you're not in the Southwest or Florida), take a look at the businesses through their storefronts and you might see one of two scenes.

Maybe the holiday display is gorgeous, or maybe it's not. Maybe the employees setting it up are happily doing so, or maybe they aren't, or maybe you just can't tell.

The businesses do their best at controlling what you see through their windows, but as we all know today in the 21st century of purposeful and accidental transparency, we see the dust bunnies and the cobwebs and the unhappy customers returning goods and the unhappy employees talking smack.

But it's also your opportunity to share why your customers stay with you as well as your employees, dust bunnies, cobwebs and all.

The Marketing Process Model works the same for all brand marketing: Prepare, Plan, Execute, Measure.

Keep these all in mind:

Through boom, bubble and bust, we can always use a little authentic holiday cheer.

Look through your own storefront window. Are you being seen as beloved?

(Hey, join us for #TChat tonight where we're going to explore the question Is Employer Brand BS?)

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