"Way to go Nancy" - From Nancy.

Motivation sounds easy, but it can be CRAZY HARD! As I was power walking with my friend Nancy, she was talking about how she keeps continuously motivating herself, offer pep-talks to herself, gives herself “high fives” and how she continues to realize that as a self employed person, she has value and worth. She has a file on her computer called – “Way to Go Nancy”. BRILLIANT. How else will someone who is generally self-employed, positively manage herself?

It really stuck with me because I realized that this is not just true of self-employed contractors, but it is the same for CEO’s, Presidents and Performance/Incentive Managers. Their job is to continue to keep the team motivated, focused, inspired, creative, rewarded, satisfied, stimulated and excited – but who helps them to feel the same way? Yes, it seems like a silly question because you would think that a company who has a manager to oversee a team and make sure that they are successful, would also have a system in place so that there is someone to oversee the manager. But I would hazard to guess that in many companies, it is the manager who’s job it is to keep themselves motivated.

Here are a couple of ways for those that are self-employed, C-level and manager responsible, to get that shot of Positive MoJo:
1/ Find a Mentor - That can be someone inside the organization, or outside of the organization, but truly understand what aspect of your business life you need “jolts of motivation and insight” and find someone who can do that.
2/ Find a Coach – this may not be as financially feasible as a Mentor, but it is a brilliant idea. This will help to keep you successful NOW, but will also help you to grow in your skills and tactics.
3/ Keep open communication with your CEO – I know that I strive to have open and honest communication with my team, and so insist that this also be the case with my CEO. Without that, no matter how much you motivate yourself or inspire your focus – you have no idea if it fits the Company business objective and the vision of the “big cheese”.
4/ Give yourself a prize! – yup I said it – a prize! If you KNOW that you have accomplished something successfully – reward yourself. Ice cream; a walk; go tell someone else; sticker – whatever will remind you that you are doing a great job, OR that you have completing them successfully. Come on your would do it for your team – just reach that hand to pat your back.
5/ Task one of your team to be YOUR recognition manager – if it is very important for you to be rewarded, and your company has a strong Incentive/Reward/Recognition program, assign one of your trusted team to be yours.
6/ Keep your own “Way to Go” file. I have one now, thanks to my friend Nancy.

Tell me some of your Motivate the Motivator tactics.

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