Step on the Stage Folks!

Those of you who read our blog know we are fans of Laurie Ruettimann, a former HR professional who wrote the seminal Human Resources Blog: Punk Rock HR.

Laurie has a new job.

Here is a blog from the website TLNT outlining the details:

Does Move of Well-Known HR Blogger Signal a Trend, or Something Else?

The article provides some encouraging news for HR Vendors:

“According to Bret Starr, a partner at Starr Tincup, there is “a tectonic shift, a major change taking place in the HR space.” He says that the HR market (for goods and services) is maturing at a rapid pace and becoming more of a mainstream market where defending and building brands is the critical element for HR vendors rather than just simply looking to gain market share.”

Step right up folks! It looks like you might be taking center stage! We have all been working on developing our brands, and using social media tools, and now we have become “cutting edge” - way ahead of our competitors who are not using these skills!

And, in the two-birds-with-one-stone department, I have even more good news from that article:

“Just this week, a new study by SHRM found that found that more than half of human resource professionals (56 percent) now use social networking websites to source potential job candidates, a significant increase from the 34 percent who said they did so back in 2008. In addition, one-fifth of organizations (20 percent) that do not use social networking sites say they plan to use them in the future.”

The information you have learned about social media, branding, and other online marketing skills that has helped you become so “cutting edge” may help you in another potentially lucrative way with your HR clients! That same information can be used to help educate your HR clients about the strategic use of social media. This helps you develop credibility with your clients and develop a stronger customer relationship bond with them. Win-win!

Reach out to your clients as an “expert” on social media’s use in HR. Trust me; you know far more about this stuff than most of your clients. The HR department folk will need your help, and be grateful as you give them helpful advice about all you have learned about the world of social media!

Maybe some of you are already doing this? I am curious; let me know if you have had this conversation with your clients.

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