Quality HR Content Rules with Google Search Changes. Thank You Google!

Since 2004, this blog has made numerous posts about the important role that quality content (e.g., white papers, e-books, articles, research, etc.) plays in marketing. In October we posted "Content is Still King. Honor Thou King" where we discussed several studies validating that content is a critical component to human resource marketing efforts.

Hundreds of HRmarketer customers can validate how content marketing delivers measurable results (and how effective the HRmarketer.com software is at marketing the HR content).

It's a no brainer.

But not all content is created (or ranked) equally.

At least not on Google anymore.

In May we wrote a critical blog post about "content farms" in response to Yahoo's acquisition of Associated Content (Yahoo Gives Up $100M for More Ad Bait aka Associated Content).

In this post we wrote:
"We think producing great non promotional content is a key marketing and PR strategy for HR vendors. Content can be used to establish an HR vendor as a thought leader in the human resources marketplace, leading to increased online visibility and sales leads. But putting bad content out there just for the sake of generating leads almost always fails - fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me."
So it was with great pleasure we read that Google changed their search engine to favor quality content.

I did a few quick searches this morning and was very pleased to see HRmarketer's already high rankings for our HR Directory, HR Whitepapers and HR Content Library gained even more strength as a result of the Google changes. Cool - quality content works and is valued.

As a result of Google's changes, quality content - and content marketing - will become increasingly more important in the next year for B2B companies like human resource vendors – especially content that engages users and gets them to share it via social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.).

Don't miss out.

And for some quality content on this subject visit our HR Content Library. And don't forget to download and read our latest e-book, The Right Mix: A B2B Marketing Allocation Guide.